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Caring For Your Horse Through The Winter Season

winter horse care

As the owner of a horse, you’ll likely agree that your horse’s wellbeing is your top priority. As the winter approaches, we can expect to see a fall in temperatures and an increased likelihood of rain and snow. For these reasons, there are a few extra things you need to make sure of throughout the winter season in order to ensure your horses wellbeing.

Read on to find a few helpful reminders for caring for your horse during the winter time.

Sheltering Your Horse

First of all, the cold temperatures and unpredictable weather that winter brings puts you up with the challenge of properly sheltering your horse at all times. This means you need to think about your horses stable, and the protective horse rugs they are wearing throughout the winter season.


The first thing to take into account is the stable. Is your horse’s stable capable of providing viable protection against the cold, the rain and the snow? Will your horse be safe and comfortable in its stable? If you don’t think your stable is suitable enough for the winter, you can make it much cosier with rubber flooring mats and warm fresh bedding materials.

Remember, it’s important to equip your horses with suitable stable rugs throughout the colder seasons, as they may need a little extra warmth for those frosty nights.

Read our article if you want a little bit of guidance on creating the perfect stable and keeping your horse happy in its home.


Horses need to spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s in their nature. In the wild, horses don’t have a stable to sleep in so they have grown accustomed to the outdoors. It’s proven that horses need their fair share of time outdoors as it keeps them happy and healthy, and keeping a horse inside without a large amount of room to move around for extended periods of time can lead to otherwise-avoidable problems.

However, due to the lower temperatures and heightened chances of rain and snow it’s important to keep your horse protected with a high-quality horse rug when it’s outside.

Bigger horses are generally very good at maintaining their body temperature, but their ability to do so is greatly affected when they get wet due to rain or snow – so even if you’re confident in your horse’s temperature regulating abilities you should consider investing in a simple waterproof layer to ensure protection against the elements.


Changing seasons can often mean a change in nutritional needs for your horse. As winter approaches there are a few variables which can dictate the nutrition that your horse requires for the best health.


During the winter you may find that you aren’t riding your horse as often so your horse’s workload is going to drop, along with their calorie output. As your horse is doing less calorie-burning physical activity, it’s important to make sure you account for this when feeding.


Obviously the winter time is going to provide us with colder temperatures than we will have seen throughout the warmer months of the year, and believe it or not temperature greatly affects a horse’s nutritional needs. In order to maintain a healthy body temperature, horses need a certain level of nutritional intake, so you will need to account for the falling temperatures outside and change your horse’s nutritional intake accordingly.


Throughout the summertime horses are in their best health, and it’s not too uncommon that vaccinations can slip the mind throughout summer when your horse appears so healthy. However winter is a little harsher than the summer and you need to make sure you are up to date on every vaccination that your horse requires.

Give your vet a call and catch up on any missed vaccinations in order to keep your horse protected from any illnesses that the cold winter temperatures may pose as a threat.

Keep Your Horse In Perfect Health This Winter

Now that you’ve read through this article, you can use the tips provided as some handy information to keep in mind when caring for your horse throughout the winter time.

Interested in investing in a high quality horse blanket for the winter time? Visit our online store today and order yours. Want to learn more before you invest? Find out why our professional standard horse rugs are perfect for the winter.

Got any questions? Call us today on 01905 677455 or fill out an enquiry form today to find the answers you’re looking for.

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