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Discover A Range Of Quality Horse Accessories

Horse Accessories

As you most likely know, Falpro specialises in the creation of high quality turnout rugs and stable rugs. However, these horse blankets aren’t all that we have to offer. Falpro is also proud to provide horse owners all over the UK with a range of top quality horse accessories.

Find out all about the horse accessories we have to offer in this article, and see how Falpro can provide you with the bits and pieces you need to keep your horse happy.

Horse Rug Washing Accessories

With our passion for creating such high quality horse turnout rugs and stable rugs, it’d be almost crazy of us not to provide you with the means of keeping your horse blankets clean and fresh. Falpro has a selection of horse rug cleaning equipment available, providing horse rug wash and conditioner so that you can keep your turnout rugs and stable rugs like new.

Our horse rug wash will clean any dirt and stains out of your horse blankets, while the conditioner helps to renew the levels of fluorocarbon and silicone found within the rugs coating. Keeping the fluorocarbon and silicone levels up helps to protect the rug’s durability and keeps it waterproof, so it’s very important.

Falpro Quality Horse Saddle Pads

At Falpro, we think that your horse’s comfort should be a priority, and that’s why we believe it’s very important to make sure you have a quality saddle pad when riding. Horse saddle pads help to absorb sweat from the horse’s back and provide soft cushion-like padding between the horse and your saddle, preventing any hard edges from bringing your horse discomfort.

Our horse saddle pads are designed with practicality, style and your horse’s comfort in mind. they are made with a micro fibre exterior surrounding a fibre fill, and finished with an elegant quilted pattern on the outer – providing extra cushioning and a luxurious appearance. Treat your horse with a saddle pad to ensure maximum comfort when you’re riding.

Horse Neck Covers

Horse neck covers are the perfect accessory for your horse through the colder months, providing them with the little extra warmth they’ll need to stay comfortable and cosy in mild temperatures. Our neck covers are made with durability in mind, all being made of either Ballistic Nylon 66, or a 1200D Super Twill – super durable materials with tear resistance.

The horse neck covers made here at Falpro are designed to suit our range of horse blankets, so you can match them up with whichever quality horse turnout rug or stable rug you own. They are available in a variety of different weights, so you can see that your horse gets through every season at the right temperature in absolute comfort.

Durable And Comfortable Horse Head Collars

Horse headcollars are used to tie your horse up and safely guide them from place to place without riding them. They’re very important when it comes to working on a stable or caring for your horse as you’ll want to move them about whilst cleaning, and keep them still whilst grooming them.

The horse headcollars we make here at Falpro are designed with convenience and your horse’s comfort as our top priorities. They are durable and easy to put on, whilst maintaining a comfortable fit around your horse’s head and neck. Our horse headcollars are designed to suit the colours of your horse rug, and are available in a variety of different colour combinations.

Discover High Quality Falpro Horse Accessories Today

Explore a range of horse accessories today to find everything you need to ensure your horse’s happiness. And if you haven’t already, take a look at our selection of quality horse rug turnout rugs, stable rugs, horse blanket bundles and rug liners. All of our horse blankets and horse accessories are available in multiple sizes, so whether you have a pony, a cob or a horse you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your companion here at Falpro.

Got an enquiry to make about one of our quality products? Contact us today to chat with one of our friendly staff members.

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