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Expert Horse Care Tips

expert horse care tips

Here at Falpro, we believe that providing your horse with the right care is extremely important. As a leading horse rug and accessory manufacturer, our prime focus has always been to produce high quality products that ensure every horse’s comfort, protection and wellbeing.

As a horse owner you’ll want the best for your horse, and you’ll want to care for it in every way possible. To begin with it’s important to get to grips with the basics of horse care, like its basic daily needs and the necessities of its stable.

When you’re familiar with the basics you can start looking in to more advanced methods of horse care – we’ve compiled a few tips below for looking after your horse that will help you best care for your companion.

Knowing Your Horse

As the owner of a horse you’re most likely aware that the age, breed and workload can affect the care that your horse requires. When you’re shopping for food, supplements and horse health products it’s important to remember that no horse is the same – and your horse may have very different requirements to those of another. Familiarise yourself with the needs of your horse and provide it with all of the right feed, supplements and care to ensure its maximum wellbeing.

Keeping Your Horse Active

Whether your horse participates in competitions and shows or is simply kept as a general pet, there will be times throughout the year where its activity levels decrease. However, it’s vital to remember that your horse will still need regular exercise all year round. Exercising your horse is important for multiple reasons.

Keeping your horse fit

Quite obviously, horses need exercise to stay fit. If your horse spends its whole life in a stable or a small field it won’t get the room to move as much as it needs to. This will make your horse weak and unfit, which can lead to numerous different health and behavioural issues. 

Looking after your horses circulation

Every step a horse takes helps to pump blood and fluid around its body. If you restrict your horse’s activity and don’t give it enough time or room to exercise it can attain blood and lymphatic fluid circulation problems which can easily lead to more serious health issues further down the line.

Caring for your horses happiness

Hoorses are nomadic grazers, meaning their natural state is to continually trickle graze on pasture. When stabling your horse is it vital to ensure they have constant access to hay, if they dont this may cause digestion issues. Furthermore, they are herd animals, so they are happy and relaxed in the company of other horses, allowing them to be in a field where they can move with access to other horses will ensure a happy horse. 

Horse Grooming and Health Care

A well looked after horse is a happy horse. For this reason it’s important that you regularly groom your horse. From shampoos and washes to maintain a glossy coat and mane to investing in the right horse vitamins and dietary supplements, spending the time to care for how your horse looks and feels is vital in ensuring long term health and happiness. However, it is important all year round that your horse contains natural oils in its coat for natural protection against rain, so washing your horse every week may weaken the coat and not allowing to keep the horse warm if turned out without a rug. 

Protecting Your Horse

One of the most important factors of caring for your horse is ensuring that you provide a protected environment. Your horse’s stable is its home, and it should be kept clean at all times. Take the time to regularly clear out the stable and ensure you invest in – and replace when needed.

Even inside of a stable, horses can get cold throughout the winter season. To ensure your steed’s ultimate comfort and happiness we recommend you invest in a quality stable rug. 

Share Your Tips on Caring For Horses

We hope our article taught you something new about looking after your horse. These are only a few ways you can better care for your horse, and we’d love to hear your tips. Leave us a comment on our social media profiles and share your expert horse care advice!

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