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christmas horse gifts

December is upon us, and Christmas is just around the corner. At Falpro, we have a range of brilliant Christmas gifts for horse owners that will be with you in time for Christmas. Whether you’re looking for a winter horse rug, some travel boots or even a horse rug cleaning kit, you’ll find the perfect present for the horse lover in your life without a problem.

Brilliant Christmas Gifts For Horse Riders

If you’re looking for a gift to put a smile on the face of the horse fanatic in your life this Christmas, you’re in the right place. At Falpro, we are passionate about creating high quality horse products designed to ensure the well-being of horses both out in the field and in the stable.

Outdoor Exercise rugs, Turnout Rugs & Coolers

Horse rugs work as protective coats for horses and keep them safe from the wind, the rain and the cold temperatures. At Falpro they’re our speciality, and we have a wide variety of durable effective horse rugs for sale.

Whether you’re looking to treat the horse owner in your life with an outdoor turnout rug, cooler or competition and exercise rug, our selection holds a high quality horse blanket for everyone.

Indoor Horse Blankets & Stable Sheets

Indoor horse rugs are just as important as outdoor turnout rugs – especially in the winter time. Indoor stable rugs and stable sheets are designed to provide your horse with an extra, insulating layer of warmth to keep your horse warm in its stable, even in the lowest of temperatures.

We have a variety of wonderful stable rugs available in different weights and styles, and stable sheets in a range of different colours, all available with clever protective material technologies.

Horse Rug Liners

As well as horse turnout rugs and stable sheets, we also have a small selection of horse rug liners available at Falpro.

Horse rug liners are extra insulating layers of material that can be added to a horse’s turnout blankets and stable sheets, providing additional warmth and comfort for the horse. Perhaps the person you’re shopping for already has some turnout rugs for their horse? Horse rug liners are the perfect gift – giving their horse a little extra warmth this winter time.

Horse Rug & Horse Care Accessories

Falpro has a range of different horse rug & horse care accessories. Our collection includes headcollars, neck covers, travel boots, saddle pads and rug cleaning kits. With all of the wonderful accessories at Falpro, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect Christmas gifts for horse riders.  

Visit Our Online Store To Find Christmas Gifts For Horse Riders

Are you interested in browsing Falpro’s range of wonderful horse turnout and stable rugs, and our collection of horse accessories to find the perfect Christmas gifts for horse owners? Visit the Falpro online store today to explore all of our durable, high quality products and find something special for someone special.

Need some advice or help regarding our horse rugs and horse care products? Contact us today with an enquiry form, or call us on 01905 677455.

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