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Horse Care for Beginners

Horse Care for Beginners

Stepping into the equestrian world can be rather overwhelming. With so much to consider and so much to do, it can be understandably confusing for any beginner to know where to start. Here at Falpro, we’re always on hand to help. Our years of experience has taught us everything there is to know on all things equestrian, and although our primary focus is on horse rugs, we’re sure you’ve noticed that we’re full of knowledge, advice and horse care tips that we hope will help you get to grips with owning a horse.

At Falpro, we understand how confusing things can get for a beginner. After all, everyone starts out somewhere – no matter how long ago it may have been. As someone who is new to horse care, your mind is likely racing with questions of what you should do and what you need to buy for your horse. Unfortunately, it’d be impossible to answer every single question, but we’ve rounded up the most common basic horse care questions and provided informative beginner horse care tips right here.

What Does a Good Stable Need?

A stable is ultimately your horse’s home and a good home will ensure that your horse remains happy. When setting up your stable there are a few things to consider. Space is important – try and ensure that you provide enough room for your horse to comfortably move around and lay down to rest with ease. The right bedding can make all the difference. Don’t expect your horse to sleep on the floor, invest in quality bedding (straw is a good option) and a quality horse stable blanket for optimum comfort.  Be sure to regularly clean the stable, clearing it out of muck and replacing the bedding every few days will keep your horse happy and relaxed.

What Are The Daily Needs Of My Horse?

It’s difficult to say what your horse needs each day because every horse is different. Whether kept as a pet or a racer or show horse; the age, breed and workload of your horse will determine its requirements.

Generally speaking however, a beginner horse care tip would be to give your horse regular exercise, a constant supply of fresh water and protection against the elements with a high quality horse turnout rug – especially with the unpredictable UK weather.

Will Looking After My Horse Be Expensive?

To put it simply, yes. Caring for a horse is by no means cheap and there is rarely a cost alternative. Horses are an incredibly magnificent breed of animal and they deserve only the best care, so be sure you aware of this before you make any commitments.

So how can you save money when caring for a horse?

Although there aren’t too many cost effective alternatives to horse care products, you can save a significant amount by buying horse feed in bulk, shopping around for deals and savings on everything from a horse brush and horse blankets to vitamins and more, but you should never compromise on quality – this can make your horse uncomfortable or even potentially put it in danger if you buy low quality food.

Find Out More About Horse Care For BeginnerS

These are just a few of the most popular questions we’re asked, and hopefully we’ve answered them well, but feel free to email us or leave your questions on our social media pages if anything was left unanswered.

Alternatively, visit our blog to find even more advice on looking after your horse, we’re always happy to help.

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