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How To Organise Your Horse Tack

horse tack

As the owner of a horse, you’ve probably got a lot of different pieces of horse tack and horse accessories. From horse feed and treats to horse rugs and horse care accessories, almost every horse owner ends up buying more than they really need, and it can be hard to keep all of your horse products organised.

We’ve come up with a few simple tips that you can take on board to make the organisation of your horse tack easier and much more manageable.  

Organising Your Horse Care Products

Every horse owner requires some amount of horse care products, and with so many different things to buy they can soon begin to pile up. So how do you go about organising your horse care products?

Grooming Kit

When owning a horse you will understand that having a variety of grooming products is vital all year round. As the seasons change you will also find yourself collating brushes, resulting in leaving them in places, stables etc. It is important that all of your brushes stay together and in the same grooming kit to prevent bacteria spreading onto other objects or other horses. Viruses such as ringworm and strangles are extremely contagious and very easily spread, by keeping your grooming kit together this will prevent bacteria spreading. 

Shampoos, Conditioners & Hair Products

Like humans, horses can have different skin conditions. Therefore, it is important to know your horse and their skin. Nowadays you are able to purchase hundreds of different brands that cater for different skin conditions that horses may have. Due to this be sure you are aware of what type of skin your horse has to prevent skin reactions. 

Organising Horse Saddles & Wearable Horse Accessories

Typically the most space consuming of all horse tack are wearable horse accessories. This covers things like bridles, girths, saddles and horse rugs, as well as a selection of other small wearable horse accessories. As most of these items are rather large, you’ll want to create a bit of space for the storage of them – here’s how you can best manage your wearable horse products.

Saddles & Saddle Pads

You most likely have a space for your saddle already, so instead of storing saddle pads somewhere separate and taking up more room than needed, why not stack up your saddle pads underneath your saddle. This saves space and keeps them all in one place meaning they won’t get lost.

Ropes, Bridles, Halters & Horse Headcollars

When it comes to storing your horse headcollars, bridles, halters and ropes, it can be very beneficial to create a dedicated space. Hang up some hooks in your horse tack area that can be used to hold all of this equipment. For maximum organisation you could learn how to neatly tie all these ropes to keep them tidy when stored.

Horse Rugs & Horse Neck Covers

Horse rugs and neck covers can take up quite a bit of room but if you fold them up and stack them together in a cupboard or locker, they start to become very manageable. As for any detachable neck covers you may have, you can simply fold these away with the rugs, or even attach them to the rugs to avoid getting them lost.

Managing Your Horse Feed

From treats to common feed, every horse owner has lots of horse feed and it can often end up lying around all over the place in bags taking up more room than it needs. Common horse feed can be packed away into a locker to minimise the amount of space taken up and the contents of bags that are almost empty can be transferred into newer feed bags so that the old bags can be thrown away.

As for horse treats, a good way to save space with these is to pack them into Tupperware boxes. This makes them easier to manage as you won’t have lots of different treat bags lying around, and it makes them harder to lose. By storing all your treats in boxes you can save space, as they can all be pushed down to fit into a smaller container.

Better Organisation For All OF Your Horse Tack

Hopefully our tips will help you to better organise your horse accessories and feed. The final thing we recommend is to let go of anything you don’t need. If you’ve got more than you need of the same thing throw it away, or if it’s in good enough condition give it away or perhaps even sell it – it’ll free up more room for you and benefit somebody else.

If you’ve got any questions on organising your Horse Tack contact us today, and if you’re looking for some more accessories or high quality horse rugs, browse the Falpro online store

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