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Introducing A Selection Of New Summer Horse Rugs

summer horse rugs

FALPRO is very proud to announce a selection of new summer horse rugs for sale.

Throughout the summer, normal horse turnout rugs and stable rugs can get too hot, making your horse uncomfortable. That’s why we provide a range of specially designed, high quality summer horse rugs – offering your horse a comfortable, cool horse blanket throughout the hotter season.

Find out all about FALPRO’s new summer horse rugs by reading through this informative article.

Our New Summer Horse Rugs

FALPRO is happy to introduce multiple different summer horse rugs – fly rugs, stable sheets and coolers. So what is each summer horse rug used for, and which is the most suitable for your horse?

Horse Fly Rugs

Fly rugs are designed to keep your horse protected from flies and other irritating summer insects, while also providing your horse with a protective layer against bright rays of summer sun. Fly rugs are thin and breathable, so they keep your horse cool and comfortable whilst providing them with the protection they need.

Browse Our Fly Rugs Today

Horse Stable Sheets

Horse stable sheets are designed to be used as an alternative to horse rugs throughout the summer season. Horses will still need some layering and protection in the summer, but your regular stable rugs may be too warm. This is where our stable sheets come in, providing a cool and comfortable protective layer for your companion whilst they’re in their stable, or travelling.

Browse Our Stable Sheets Today

Horse Coolers

FALPRO horse coolers are designed and created with clever material technologies, in order to keep your horse cooled down to the right temperature during the warm summer heat. Our horse coolers are designed with mesh sides to allow fast air flow and drying, and a super absorbent top section that allows for fast wicking of moisture. With a horse cooler from FALPRO you can be sure that your horse will remain cool and comfy, no matter the temperature.   

Browse Our Horse Coolers Today

Explore FALPRO’s New Summer Horse Rugs & Order Yours Today

Are you interested in further exploring the new summer horse rugs at FALPRO? Browse our products section and take a look at our horse stable sheets, coolers and fly rugs.

Do you have any questions regarding our new summer products? Contact us today by filling out an enquiry form, or call us on 01905 677455 for an instant response.

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