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Keeping Your Horse Happy In Its Home

Keeping Your Horse Happy In Its Home

As the owner of a horse, you’ll know just how important it is to make sure your horse is happy, both outside and in its stable. However if you’ve only recently got a horse or you just haven’t quite gotten to grips with what it takes to keep your horse happy in its stable, read on to find out how you can ensure ultimate wellbeing for your companion.


When purchasing or changing bedding for your horse it is important that you know what your horse is best on and taking note of whether your horse suffers from respiratory issues. 

Straw is the most popular choice of bedding as it is cheap however depending on the quality can alter the amount of dust it contains. If your horse does struggle from respiratory issues of any kind, it would be advised to opt fro an alterantive bedding such as; woodpellets or shavings designed for a dust-free bed. With either bedding you choose it is vital to ensure your horse has a sufficient amount of bedding to allow them to lie down if they decide to, if not this could cause sores and rubs on the hock and elbow of your horse from lying on a hard surface. 

Invest In Some Comfortable Rubber Mats

Rubber mats will help to further benefit the comfort of your horse by providing a soft ground layer before the hard floor. Rubber mats are suitable for use as a bottom bedding layer. Simply add a small amount of straw or your preferred bedding to the top of the rubber mats and your horse will have an even comfier bed. However, ensure the mats are lifted and cleaned underneath regularly to avoid the onset of thrush in your horses hooves. 

When looking to purchase rubber horse mats take note that they are generally quite costly, but the initial investment you make will save you the money that you’d otherwise spend on bedding supplies over time.

Keep All Of Your Horse’s Food and Drink Tubs Clean

You wouldn’t want to eat out of a dirty bowl, so don’t let your horse. Regular cleaning of your horse’s food and drink tubs can be easily forgotten, but if you want to keep your horse as happy as it possibly can be then it’s important to ensure cleanliness at all times. Just make sure to clean out your horse’s food and drink bowls regularly.

Get Your Horse A High Quality Stable Rug

As a company that produces horse rugs, you may think that the inclusion of stable rugs on this list is rather biased. However, we understand their importance and we wouldn’t have put years of work into crafting the perfect rugs if they bared no use. Stable rugs are lighter, softer horse rugs that are designed to be suitable for wear inside of the horses stable. They provide your horse with comfort and will keep it warm throughout the colder months.

Stable rug horse blankets are available in different weights designed to provide different levels of warmth. Lightweight stable rugs will provide the right amount of comfort and warmth for your horse throughout the summer, whereas heavyweight winter horse blankets will keep your horse warm through almost any conditions, but may be too warm in the summer. Investing in a stable rug for your horse is a quick and simple way to ensure your horses wellbeing, and they are guaranteed to last your horse a very long time.

Ensuring The Wellbeing Of Your Horse

Hopefully you’ve learnt a thing or two from this article and you can improve upon how you currently look after your horse. If there’s more you’d like to know about looking after your horse in its stable, leave a comment on any of our social pages or contact us direct on 01905 677455.

Take a look at our high quality stable rugs for sale today, or explore our range of other horse products and accessories.

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