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Rug Buying Guide

Winter has well and truly arrived and with temperatures due to plummet it’s important to ensure your horse stays warm and healthy throughout the winter. 

Rug season is here again and choosing the right turnout or stable rug can be a bit overwhelming. FALPRO have put together a rug buying guide to help make the process as simple as possible by answering the most common questions about purchasing your horse a rug. 

What type of rug should I buy?

Deciding on whether you should purchase a stable rug or a turnout rug depends on whether or not you need a waterproof rug. FALPRO stable rugs are NOT waterproof, and are most commonly used when your horse is stabled. Our stable rugs are made from a strong rip stop taffeta weave material and feature an antibacterial and anti-static lining. FALPRO stable rugs come with a fully detachable neck cover that has been anatomically curved to prevent rubbing to your horse’s mane. The stable rugs have liner loops fitted so you can add or remove FALPRO liners to your rug to increase the weight with the ever-changing weather.

FALPRO turnout rugs are all fully waterproof. We offer three ranges of turnout rugs; the Cheltenham, the Goodwood and the Sandown. The Cheltenham and Goodwood range is made from a 1680D ballistic nylon 66. This material is extremely tough and durable. The Sandown range is made from a 1200D Super twill material. This fabric is significantly stronger; up to 40% more than standard plain weave. It also has a luxurious softer feel.

The FALPRO Cheltenham and Sandown turnout rugs are available in light, medium and heavy weight. All turnout rugs come with a full detachable neck cover that has been anatomically curved to prevent rubbing to your horse’s mane. Every FALPRO rug is fitted with liner loops so you can add or remove FALPRO liners to increase or decrease the weight with the ever-changing weather.

The FALPRO Goodwood is the complete turnout solution. It  can be used  as a 100g light weight rug or you can add a different weight liner to make it heavier depending on the ever-changing weather conditions making it the perfect rug for any season. 

The Goodwood turnout solution comes with. 

  • 1x 100g 1680D  ballistic nylon 66 turnout rug
  • 1x 100 Liner
  • 1x 200 Liner
  • 1x 300g Liner
  • 1x 100g Neckcover 
  • 1x 200g Neckcover

How do I know if the FALPRO rugs will help keep my horse warm enough?

The FALPRO rugs have a thermo bonded fibre fill. This is measured in grams; the higher the weight number, the warmer the rug will be. Determining the best weight for your horse depends on your horse’s environment and the condition of your horse’s coat. Besides the weather, also keep in mind if your horse grows a light or heavy coat, if your horse clipped, if they are turned out with or without shelter, or kept in a stable. These are all factors to consider when choosing your FALPRO rug.



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