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The Importance Of Horse Rug Cleaning and Care

Horse rug care

Horse rugs are an extremely important thing to have in order to keep your horse comfortable and protected from the elements at all times. Due to their importance and the clever technologies built into horse rugs however, they aren’t particularly cheap.

Considering they’re not easily replaceable, we want to show you the importance of caring for your horse rugs, and explain why horse rug washing and conditioning is so important. Read on to find out how and why you should care for your horse blankets.

Why’s It So Important To Clean Your Horse Rugs

Horse rug cleaning is very important, it benefits the wellbeing and comfort of your horse and saves you money in the long run. You don’t want your horse to have to walk around in a dirty or damaged blanket and if it gets past the point of repair, you’ll have to pay out a large sum for another horse rug – which turns out to be much more expensive than a bottle of horse rug wash and conditioner.

Horse rug care not only keeps your horse blanket clean, but it also helps to keep the features of the blanket – like waterproof covering & durable layering – working to a high level of performance.

What Do You Need?

When it comes to proper horse rug cleaning and care, there are a few horse blanket washing products you should have. By having the right products, you’ll be able to clean the blanket better and remove the risk of causing damage to it.

Horse Rug Wash

Obviously, when cleaning your horse rugs you should use some horse blanket wash. Dedicated horse blanket wash works better than hot soapy water alone, and it carries a much lower risk of wearing off the silicone and fluorocarbon on the material.

Horse Rug Conditioner

Not everyone applies horse rug conditioner to their rugs but it can be extremely beneficial. We’ve designed our horse rug conditioner to work perfectly at improving the performance of your FALPRO horse rug – renewing the levels of silicone and fluorocarbon in the rug. This helps the horse blanket to keep its waterproof ability, durability and insect repellence.

The horse blanket wash and conditioner are the two main horse rug cleaning products you’ll need, alongside a bucket, a brush and some hot water.

How To Clean Your Horse Rugs

At Falpro – so long as your horse rug isn’t extremely dirty – we recommend that you clean your it yourself with horse blanket wash and conditioner. Washing horse rugs yourself isn’t too difficult, and the cost of a few horse rug washing products is significantly lower than the services of professional cleaners.

To clean your horse rugs yourself you should simply scrub off dry dirt and dust with a bristled brush and then hose down your rugs. Add some horse blanket wash to hot water and scrub it into your horse rug thoroughly with a clean brush, paying attention to any visibly dirty areas. When you’ve done this, you should rinse off the wash with clean water and repeat the process with your horse rug conditioner, this’ll help to top up the fluorocarbons and silicone levels in the rug – extending the technologies and enhancing the durability.

If your horse rug is extremely dirty or damaged in anyway, you should call upon the services of a professional cleaner, as they’ll have the expertise to carry out a perfect horse rug wash or repair job without damaging the blanket further.

Order Horse Cleaning Products Today From FALPRO

If you’re looking to carry out some horse rug cleaning and conditioning but you don’t want to pay the prices of professional blanket cleaning services, order some horse cleaning products from FALPRO today – they work perfectly for cleaning and enhancing the usability of your horse’s blanket.

Got any questions regarding our horse rug cleaning products or any of our other products or services? Fill in an enquiry form today, or give us a call on 01905 677455.

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