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Walk Into Autumn With The Perfect Horse Blanket


As summer comes to a close and we move into the cooler seasons of autumn and winter, you should make sure that you and your horses are fully prepared. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your horse warm and comfortable in the stable, whilst travelling or out in the fields, there’s no better place to shop for autumn horse rugs than Falpro.

In this article we’re going to present to you our top pick for the best all-round horse blanket for the autumn time – the Cheltenham medium weight turnout rug.

The Cheltenham Medium Weight Turnout Rug

The Cheltenham medium weight turnout rug is the perfect multi-purpose rug for the autumn season. This horse blanket features a huge variety of clever features that make it ideal for the job of ensuring protection and comfort for your horse.

Durable Material with Clever Technologies

Falpro’s Cheltenham medium weight rug is made from strong and durable ballistic NYLON 66 material, making it capable of resisting the cold and wet weather that autumn brings while providing a long usable lifetime. With Thermo Bonded fibre fill to provide warmth and a breathable lining to allow free air flow, the Cheltenham medium weight turnout rug is designed to keep your horse at the optimal temperature for their comfort and wellbeing.

The Cheltenham also benefits from anti-bacteria and anti-static lining, which helps to keep it in top quality condition for a very long time, and keeps your horse clean from any potentially harmful bacteria.

Convenient Comfortable Fitment

Thanks to the professionally designed ‘Matrix System’, Falpro’s Cheltenham medium turnout rug provides a superior fit for your horse while removing the need for gussets. This well designed horse turnout rug features a comfortable anatomically curved neck cover and a tail flap, both designed to ensure your horse doesn’t suffer from rubbing while wearing the turnout rug.

Rug Liner Compatible

Falpro provides a range of different rug liners that are designed to provide your horse with extra levels of warmth that sometimes the turnout rug alone may not be capable of. The Cheltenham medium turnout rug has liner loops stitched to the inside allowing for the easy addition and removal of our horse rug liners, which is absolutely perfect for the nippier days in autumn.

Order The Cheltenham Medium Horse Turnout Rug Today

If you’re looking to provide your horse with the comfort and protection it needs this autumn, there’s no better way to do so than to invest in a Cheltenham medium turnout rug from Falpro.

Discover everything about the Cheltenham medium turnout rug today

Have any questions? Contact us today to speak to a friendly member of staff and find all of the answers you’re looking for.

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