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Technical Specs


Nylon 66

Nylon 66 is 50% stronger than the more commonly used nylon 6 used by most rug manufacturers and specified for all Ballistic protection products such as bullet proof vests and flak jackets.  

Super Twill

A twill fabric has a complicated weaving pattern, this allows you to use more yarns per square inch creating a heavier fabric. This fabric is considerably stronger than a normal weave, firstly because you have more yarns per square inch and secondly because the irregular pattern of the threads creates a powerful RIPSTOP DYNAMIC, increasing tear strength by up to 45%.


Taffeta Double Ripstop

A ripstop pattern is created when at defined intervals two yarns are run across the warp and weft. In our double ripstop we actually add in three yarns which doubles the ripstop action increasing the tear strength by 35%. This not only gives you a favourable weight to strength ratio but also creates a pleasing surface pattern. By using a non-texturized yarn, we create a smooth surface which can be cleaned easily.

Thermo Bonded Fill

There are two main types of fibrefill, spray bond and thermos bond, spray bond the fibre is held together by applying an adhesive spray to the top and bottom surfaces of the fibre material. This creates a relatively weak structure with very little memory which is easily compressed quickly losing its thermal capacity.
In thermo bonded fibre fill all fibres are connected, this gives a structure with high memory, which resists compression thereby maintaining its loft and thermal capacity.

Matrix System

Both stable and turnout rugs have the matrix surcingle system this features cross surcingles on the inside of the rug eliminating the need for gussets. The cross surcingle's left and right side work in conjunction with each other and together with secure front closures keep the rug in place. This feature is on all FALPRO turnout and stable rugs.

Product Features


The FALPRO rug range has been designed from the original FALPRO pattern with best fit and comfort in mind. Both stable and turnout rugs have five darts across the hind quarters giving a more contoured fit to improve the appearance.

SS304 Stainless Steel Fittings

FALPRO rugs all have SS304 stainless steel hardware to help prevent tarnishing and rusting. Stainless steel has the innate ability to form a protective surface that prevents corrosion. The chromium found in stainless steel reacts quickly with oxygen forming an incredibly thin barrier, that is highly durable and non-reactive. 

Curved Neck cover

FALPRO turnout neck covers are anatomically curved to prevent mane rubbing. 

Reflective Panels

FALPRO turnout rugs come with extra-large reflective panels to provide a better visibility in darkness. These are positioned on the front, side and rear of each turnout rug.

Liner Loops

All FALPRO turnout and stable rugs are fitted with liner loops to stop your liner slipping. FALPRO liners are available in 100g, 200g and 300g weights.

Extra Large Tail Flap

The tail flap has been extended providing more protection and comfort.

Elasticated Tail Strap

FALPRO rugs come with an elasticated tail strap which can be wiped clean and also removed during washing.


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